I am a residence in Little Tokyo who visits Little Tokyo Market Place very often. I get almost every grocery I need, go shopping and eat out there. I've had a very positive experience with LTMP until last night, when I was getting out of the building as I finished shopping.


There always have been homeless people in front of the entrance of LTMP who beg for a change. People usually ignore them. However, last night as I got on my bike, there was a homeless person who grabbed my bike, claiming it was his, shouting at me. It was horrifying. Thankfully there were some people who helped me out.


A lot of my girlfriends who live in Little Tokyo would love to come to LTMP if it wasn't so dangerous. I understand Downtown LA has a lot of homeless people and danger, but I wonder if LTMP could get a security guard around the building, or at least in front of the entrance. Everyone including me would appreciate it and also more people would visit LTMP as it would have more safe and clean environment. I know my friends will.


Thank you.

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