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As mentioned in many posts here, this market is great and in a prime location. I had nothing to complain about this market until today. It may seem petty to some of you, but I ask you  read this to see if this is a recurring incident that should be properly addressed by the management team of this market.


After loading my groceries, I put my cart clearly away from the other parked cars (not going to bore everyone with mundane steps of grocery shopping).  This woman came out of her parked car  next to me (*in a 20 minute parking spot allocated for the bank) and began to yell at me about where I left my emptied cart. She claimed she worked for the market and that her car is always getting damaged because of the carts in the parking lot. She definitely overstepped her boundaries by reaching into my window so that I couldn't close them without hurting her. This experience overall was not appropriate and made me feel very threatened, especially since my toddler was in the car.


If we're going to discuss proper etiquacy of parking lot, an employee shouldn't have been parked in a spot allocated for the bank. There were boundaries crossed when she ignored my plea for her to step away from my car and decided it was best to throw herself closer to my car.  If her concern truly was about policing people into shoving the carts back into the return stack, then she should've accepted my "rude" customer behavior and move the cart herself - not scream at me and my child and throw her arms around inside my car.

Has this happened to anyone else? I'm not looking for any compensation of any sort. I get it, we all want an efficient parking lot flow, but the extent this woman went was too far. I'm sure the market would not employ someone who easily harrasses their customers over their own personal car and shopping carts. However, if this is a recurring experience for other customers, we should bring this up to their management. Thanks. 

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